We Offer A Yearly Program That Includes Two Property Inspections:

  • One in the Spring
  • One in the Fall

We will inspect the following:

  • Siding

​          ​- Look for loose, broken or missing pieces.

  • Soffit

          - Look for missing or damaged panels.

  • Fascia

          - Look for missing or damaged sections.

  • Gutters

          - Look for damaged areas or areas where leaks may occur.

  • Roof and Components

​          - Inspect pipe jacks for proper fit or cracked seals.

          - Missing or damaged shingles.

​          - Re-caulking around nails and other areas, as needed.

          - Inspect roof ventilation systems and components.


***Also included is one gutter cleaning per year in the fall. Maintenance programs are offered for 2 to 4 years. The cost of these programs can save thousands of dollars by providing the attention these items need.***

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Maintenance Program